Hi! I'm Lyza! Creativity Coach, Artist and Founder of CreativeHowTo.

As a Creativity Coach, I support people in restoring optimal creative flow through visioning and removing obstacles.

Creativity is my passion. I love helping people express themselves through their chosen art form... whether it be writing, drawing, dance, music making, crafting, etc.. I love supporting people in breaking their own inner obstacles, and experiencing that moment of freedom.

My journey to Creativity Coaching was through my own pursuit of a successful practice. I found that a trusted support system and creative routine works wonders for productivity. I want to share all of my best practices with you to support your creative endeavors.

Here are a few ways that I offer support to the creative space:

  • ENCOURAGEMENT & NURTURING: offering support, to encourage someone's creative process (tranquility, kindness). To share in the celebration of one's creative self (high energy, passion, momentum)
  • CLARITY & INSIGHT: to offer perspective to help people get clarity on blind spots (honesty, objectivity, recognizing patterns)
  • ORGANIZATION & PREPARATION: preparation goes a long way in reducing overwhelm and fostering optimum creative flow. With some clarity work, planning and organizing – we can clear the runway.

Certifications & affiliations: 

  • Member of the Creativity Coaching Association (CCA)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), MER© (Mental & Emotional Release©) and Hypnosis 
  • Certified MBTI© Facilitator (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
  • President of the Screenwriters Association of Santa Barbara 
  • Certified Final Cut Pro X Instructor
  • Advanced Adobe Creative Suite
  • BA Degree: Digital/Video Art
  • AA Degree: Graphic Design