Craftcation 2016

OMG. Craftcation Conference. Ventura, CA. I love this conference so much. I've attended three years running now, and it really is my creative vacation which gives me a much-needed reset each year. 


This year was amazing, as usual! In the past I focused primarily on business classes, so this year I wanted to try doing more hands-on crafty stuff. I am so glad that I did!

Here are some of the amazing projects and techniques I got to explore this weekend...

Craft is my: Fascination + Therapy. 

There was no shortage of creativity at this event! One of the coolest things I saw at the event was Lea Redmond's conceptual Travel Knitting Project.

How it works: You choose two of the categories (pleasure, meditation, dream, fascination, therapy, or paid gig). You would receive two strips of yarn to wear so people can know what craft means to you, and she would then knit those colors into her scarf! So clever! If you love this, you will love her book "Knit the Sky". I highly suggest it!