Results-Driven Creativity™: Coaching Program

Completion is a precursor to abundance. Successful habits are a precursor to completion. Clarity is a precursor to successful habits. Results-Driven Creativity™ is a coaching program that can move you through the stages of creation so you can experience the joy and accomplishment that comes from finishing a project.

As a Results-Driven Creativity™ Coach, I work with people who have bold dreams and are ready to step into action so those dreams can be realized... people who are tired of saying "I'll get to that project someday." My background as a Project Manager, Producer, Creative Director and Graphic Designer allows me to support you through all stages of the creative development process. Whether your desired result is to create a tangible product, to reboot your creative practice, or to feel more confident in your abilities... I work with you to create a plan that honors the dream within you, while fitting into your lifestyle (or, to support you in designing your lifestyle to better support your dream!) 

Do you want to write a book? Learn a new art medium? Launch a course, website, blog or podcast? Or perhaps you're looking for a career transition. Whatever your desire is... the process is the same – align your vision, develop a strategy, build strong habits, work through challenges, refine, and launch! I will help you build the map. If you're a multi-passionate creator, I have tools to help you get focused. If you feel like the pilot light has gone out on a dream, I have tools that will reignite your spark. If you are ready to take a step forward in the direction of your dreams... Schedule your free 30-minute consultation here!