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Finish the art that you start.


The Results-Driven Creativity™ Method:

The Results-Driven Creativity™ Method is a set of four coaching programs, all designed to support you in achieving your most desired creative results. Whether you want to be more creative in your daily life, or you have a specific project you'd like to complete… there is a program here that can move you in the right direction.





If you want support, encouragement, discovery, ideas, and celebration – this is the path for you. Great for those who just want to DIVE RIGHT IN.

Create Anyway™ is a process-based coaching program that will help you get momentum in your creative life.

“What would you like to explore?



If you want to have full control of your digital creations – this is the path for you. For those who want to HANDLE IT themselves.

Creative Upskill™ is a skills-based training program that enables you to leverage technology in your creative process.

"What skills could take your project to the next level?”



If you want a map of actionable next steps that are in alignment with your highest values – this is the path for you. Great for those who want to SEE THE PATH.

Creative True North™ is a strategy-based coaching program that will help you identify your specific purpose on your creative path.

“What could you accomplish of you knew your next steps?”



If you want real results and profit-potential – this is the path for you. For those who want to GET IT DONE (and are willing to do what it takes).

Results-Driven Creativity™ is a project-based hybrid program that challenges you to reach higher and reach key milestones.

“How will it feel when you’ve fully orchestrated your vision?”




Four Programs to channel your focus



Create Anyway™ will awaken your creative spirit and generate momentum.

You are seeking: encouragement, discovery, ideas, and celebration. You are ready to DIVE RIGHT IN.

You are asking: “What would I like to explore or express?”



Creative True North™ will uncover and clarify your specific purpose on your creative path.

You are seeking: a map of actionable steps that align with your values. You are ready to SEE THE BIG PICTURE.

You are asking: “How much further could I go with a clear plan of action?”



Creative Upskill™ will enable you to harness technology in your creative process.

You are seeking: full control of your digital creations. You are ready to HANDLE THINGS yourself.

You are asking: "What technical skills do I need to improve my process?”



Results-Driven Creativity™ will challenge you to reach higher and further.

You are seeking: tangible results and profit-potential. You are ready to GET IT DONE (and will do whatever it takes).

You are asking: “How will it feel when I’ve fully orchestrated my vision?”


Recent Projects





Q: “What is the difference between coaching, consulting, and training?”

A: Coaching is when the coach guides the client towards finding their own answers that already exist within themselves. Through reflective questions, prompts, and exercises, the client can start to piece together their puzzle. Coaching is used to gain clarity, to reveal blindspots and blocks, and to provide perspective and insights.

Consulting is when the consultant provides specific and relevant expertise, guidance, and recommendations based on first-hand industry experience. This may include providing referrals to advanced experts or offering ideas for further research, and can help fill in any knowledge gaps for someone new to a specific topic.

Training is a hands-on learning experience designed to give the client specific skills in a certain area of knowledge. An example would be learning how to use creative software, like Adobe Photoshop, Audio/Video software for podcast or videos, or online programs like Mailchimp, SquareSpace, or Patreon for marketing.

Q: “Are you a freelance designer?”

A: My approach when offering services is to do so in collaboration, which means we create the work together (in other words, I am not a freelance designer for hire). My reason for this is that I am committed to empowering people to be involved in their own process. So while I do offer occasional services if my skills are right for the project, I believe in including people in the creation as much as possible. And, on occasion, I may even bring in other experts or recommend to refer out certain tasks when needed. My role as a coach and facilitator means that I help hold space for creativity to occur, offer insight for perspective, connect people to resources… and promote full participation!

Q: “How do I know which program is best for me?”

A: The best way to know is to consider where you are right now with your process or project. A basic rule of thumb is: if you are unsure, begin with a Creative Conversation or a Strategy Session. Here are some other considerations:

If you are starting from scratch or want to expand on an idea, and want to gain clarity or build a plan of action – then Creative True North™ may be the best option.

If you are wanting more creativity in your life, and are looking for more meaning, a sense of wellbeing and joy, and even healing through creative arts – then perhaps Create Anyway™ might provide the support you are looking for.

If you have a specific project in mind, you know exactly what your next steps are and just need to get busy on producing the pieces for your vision that is well-defined – then Results-Driven Creativity™ may be the next step for you. (A word of warning: this program is intensive and can be more costly due to the hours needed for production time. Plan your time and budget accordingly.)

Q: “I have many interests and goals. What should I focus on first?”

A: Many of the creatives I work with tend to identify with being “multi-passionate”! (Myself included). Energy in many directions is like fireworks, and energy that is focused is like a laser. The choice is up to you! In reality, we can’t really steer in many directions at one time, so if you prefer and explore many things, I’d recommend starting with the Create Anyway™ program to get the creative juices flowing, or Creative True North™ to get clarity on what to focus on.