Diane Julia Flick: Artist

"Lyza's creativity coaching is like a cup of coffee with a good friend, but infinitely more productive.  She is present in her guidance, allowing room for movement and change, based on her clients' needs.  She guides without pushing, listens without judging, and eliminates feelings of "should" from an artist's repertoire by allowing artists to be themselves.  

She offers the idea that success (however you define that term) is possible without changing who we are, but by following what inspires us and working within whatever parameters we are comfortable with.  She has brought new possibilities to my life, and been a delightful support system when I have been doubtful.  

Finally, she understand and encourages integrating one's creative life with the whole person, expressing oneself in many directions.  Being a thriving artist in our demanding world can be done, and Lyza will help you get there.  I cannot recommend her more highly." 

- Diane Julia Flick, Painter 

Lyza FontanaComment