Jasson Flick: Writer

After years of studying writing, I graduated and didn’t write again for years.  I had given up on my dream of a writing practice before it ever ever took root.  I thought about writing every day, but without a structure, someone to hold me accountable, without a context, I fell flat on my face.  I was, and am, an amateur.  So be it!  Still, not writing at all made me miserable.

Lyza came to me as a reference from a friend.  Beyond fortune, I felt relief.  She brought energy, enthusiasm, and a space in which to make a road forward. I wanted to begin again.  Writer’s block was my project.  I made a monument of it.  Lyza helped me put that in perspective, and gave me someone to be accountable to- namely, myself.

If you want to move forward on a creative project, but are stuck for one reason or another, you may want to try working with Lyza. Lyza doesn't offer solutions.  She prompts you to find your own solutions.  Creativity can be difficult, but you know best what you would like to do.  

Sometimes it just takes someone to work with along the way. Genre doesn't matter.  Lyza focuses on getting your creative side back to work.  I was able to set my own pace, my own parameters.  

Working with Lyza helped me to find and maintain my own accountability toward my creative endeavors.  It is like having someone helping you get a kite off the ground.  She talked to me as I built the kite.  We tried it out but some days there are no wind, and I only ran and ran, while the kite sputtered and fell.  She was there to talk about that as well.  We worked through the strategies of flying a kite.  Optimal conditions, etc.  When I didn’t want to think about the stupid kite anymore, we looked into those moments, and by the end of each conversation I was ready to work again.  Then I went out and the kite went right up, and she was there smiling and happier than I was at the site of it.  

As a practice, my creative work had been dormant for six years.  I am now moving forward on several projects, each under my own volition.  

- Jasson F. - Writer, San Francisco, CA

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