Ron "Moose" Casey: Creative Chameleon

My creative practice before coming to coaching with Lyza was sporadic, fleeting and unfocused. I like to dabble in a few mediums but dabbling is not conducive to finishing works in progress. My challenges stemmed from not deciding which hat I was wearing to express my creativity. This resulted in thwarted processes and unfinished projects along with many ideas being lost to the atmosphere.

After beginning coaching with Lyza... it’s a completely different ball game with her help: I still cannot believe that I have actually completed writing a screenplay, 120 pages long. It is a living thing, that is still changing and expanding while being refined.

What changed for me the most was being able to tap into this magical place inside all of us and write a story and create characters. However, and more importantly being able to access a multitude of emotions and using them to add real flesh and blood to the characters. This happened because Lyza helped me to focus.

With the discipline of focus, I was then able to access my creative well at random. At times the every day demands of life, friends and family started to bug me, heh heh, because I wanted to be writing, letting this story unfold and come to life.

The weekly sessions helped me immeasurably becoming a real-time ritual. During our meetings, Lyza, with her intuitive demeanor, asked questions that prompted me to access my creative space. During the sessions I totally lost track of time and surroundings while thinking and speaking from the place of beauty within. For that fleeting hour, the bloody committee was silenced and I was able to operate from a place of flow of abstracts and feelings which somehow generated more insight, more ideas.

Lyza sent me inspiration in many forms quotes, lists to help me structure better, and ways how to maintain my sacred space. A particular suggestion: keeping a symbol nearby that reminds me of the work in progress and the concomitant emotions. For me it was a dragonfly sculpture.

All of the above worked for me mainly because, I knew Lyza was believing in me during those times that I wasn’t believing in myself.

Lyza’s style, while very consistent and structured, is at the same time gentle. Now don’t get me wrong, she challenged me to show how I wasn’t making all the beats. However, during the sessions she would present delicate prompts. These suggestions more often than not helped to steer me back onto my path, all the while helping me generate even more flashes of understanding and awareness within my dream space.

Creative Coaching was something that I’d never thought about before experiencing it with Lyza. I have been so fortunate to have been able to work with Lyza throughout the whole process of the scriptwriting. But I learned so much more than how to create a script. The things that were revealed to me about myself during these sessions are invaluable tools. I would definitely use the resources of CreativeHowTo in any of my creative endeavors.

I have described the creative coaching experience to my friends as therapy for the soul... after all that is where the creative well resides: right in the Heart of the Soul within each and every one of us."

- Ron "Moose" Casey - Screenwriting

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