Baby & The Luvies - Your Little Fool. 

Original California Soul video from all original high energy soul-inspired dance band based in San Francisco. 

(Directed by Lyza Fontana. Filmed and edited by Lyza Fontana and Natashia Stevenson.)

Music Video: "Tailwind" by Chris Conway

"Tailwind is an acoustic song with percussive elements. It is an original song, recorded with my precious Seagull guitar. The video, recorded in San Francisco, reminds me of a wonderful time in a city, where it doesn't matter if you're going to work by car or office chair..." - Chris Conway

(Filmed by Chris, Annika and Lyza)

Summer Solstice Parade, Santa Barbara CA 2014

Each year, Santa Barbara celebrates the Summer Solstice with an explosion of color, music and creativity. CreativeHowTo was there to capture a glimpse.