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Your spirit whispers to you through colors, sounds and sensations. You savor the last sips of tea at dawn. You relish the beauty of a divine sunset. You adore the process of setting out your supplies. You get lost for hours in the delight of artistic play. You connect to the deeper parts of yourself through creation. This is the Creative Life.

to live a creative life is to feel alive.


Get inspired. Get creative. Get it done.™

CreativeHowTo is a boutique creative studio and hub of inspiration to help you get your creative juices flowing! 

Get inspired

Renew your inspiration and wellbeing with exciting interviews, book reviews, art challenges, journal prompts, workbooks, games and more.

Get creative

Tap into your creative essence with hands-on workshops, collaborative studio sessions, art parties, online courses and products.

Get it done

Achieve your creative goals with visioning support, project planning, creativity coaching, customized training, and collaborative services.



Lyza - Artist, Writer, Certified Apple Trainer, Certified Adobe Trainer, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, and Member of the Creativity Coaching Association

Lyza - Artist, Writer, Certified Apple Trainer, Certified Adobe Trainer, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, and Member of the Creativity Coaching Association

The Studio

The studio is located in downtown Santa Barbara, California (north of Los Angeles) where I offer one-on-one creative sessions, coaching, design services and workshops.

Creative Studio Sessions: 

With hands-on studio sessions, together we can collaborate to make your creative dream come true!

  • Creativity coaching
  • Strategy and planning
  • Digital art lessons (Adobe, Apple, Squarespace, Shopify, Etsy, social media)
  • Design services (graphic design, photography, videography)
  • Artmaking (crafting, painting, drawing)
  • Creative clarity (vision boards, goal-setting, mind-mapping)
  • Product development (blog, podcast, audio books, print books, stationery, craft goods)
  • Have a request? Just ask!


  1. I create.
  2. I help people create. 
  3. I blog about creating. 
  4. I teach people to create.

I live a creative life, and help others do the same!



I love helping people express themselves through their chosen art form... whether it be writing, drawing, dance, music making, journaling, crafting, etc. 

I support people in restoring and amplifying creative flow. I assist people in breaking down resistance so they may experience creative freedom.

I've been mentoring and supporting artists in a variety of ways for 18 years - working initially as a graphic designer, a digital art trainer for Apple, and as a freelance Creative Director for many years. Now, I work with individuals and small groups to nurture their creative dreams.

My path of Creativity Coaching officially started in 2010 when I was experiencing career fatigue from the design world – I was burnt out on creating for income, and needed to reconnect to authentic inspiration. During my coach training, I learned to love creating again, which in turn increased my emotional well-being. What I learned was nothing short of life-changing, and I'm excited to share what I've discovered with YOU in support of your creative journey!  


WAYS I can support you:

  • STRATEGY: designing and short and long-term plan so you can map out your project or business goal. 

  • INSIGHT: perspective for clarity on blind spots and recognizing patterns for transformation.

  • ORGANIZATION: preparation goes a long way in reducing overwhelm and fostering optimum creative flow. 

  • ENCOURAGEMENT: support to encourage your creative process and to share in the celebration of your creative expression. 

  • COLLABORATION: exchanging ideas and techniques can be a fun way to stay creative and productive!

  • COMMUNITY: a place to belong and share philosophies of life and creativity!